Managed Lists

Managed Lists

When a business starts looking into boosting the customer awareness and loyalty, one thing remains pivotal.

Cooperative Database Participation and Compiled Database Models are tools most commonly used when mailers are faced with declining prospecting results and reduced house-file and specialty list availability. Specialty List costs continue to increase and fewer performing prospect names are available for rent or exchange. These options allow access to potentially top-performing database segments at a fraction of the cost of specialty list rental.


Active Evangelical Republican Donors
Active Grassroots Democratic Donors
Active Republican Close Call State Donors
Active Republicans for Fiscal Responsibility
Against the Grain Republican Donors
American Art Review Magazine
American Donors For Firefighters
American Heritage Way Donor
Americans Against Same Sex Marriage
Americans For Conservative Causes
Americans For Freedom and Family Donors
Americas Conservative Republican Donors
America’s Devoted Voters and Donors
Americas Farms & Ranches
America’s Focus On Children
Americas Liberal Donors and Voters
Battleground State Republican Donors
Blue State Republican Donors
California Political Donors
Children’s Charitable Contributors
Christian Conservative Donors Colorado
Christian Right-Wing Donors
Christians United for a Moral America
Citizens for American Values
Compassionate Contributors
Conservation and Environmental Donors
Conservative Christian Patriotic Donors
Conservative Republican Donor Masterfile
Conservative Senior Donors to Charities
Consumer-Style Database
Country Christian Book Buyers
Delta Waterfowl
Devoted Christian Donors
Evangelical Conservative Donors
Fashion & Accessories
Florida Christian Donors
Going Green
Good Samaritans
Great Outdoor Families Donors
Heartland of America Political Donors
Hunting and Fishing Aficionados
Impeachment Acquittal Donors
Independent Voters and Donors
Law Enforcement Charitable Contributors
Liberty Messenger Donors
Lone Star Conservative Christian Donors
Marine Corps Apparel Buyers
Military Veteran Republican Donors
Oklahoma Registered Democrat Voters
Oklahoma Registered Independent Voters
Oklahoma Registered Republican Voters
Oklahoma Registered Voters
Operation Gather Donors
Pacific Conservative Christian Donors
Patriotic Grassroots Donors
Pennsylvania Conservative Republican Donors
Reliably Red State Republican Donors
Religious Book, Magazine, Movie and Music Buyers
Rod’s Western Palace
Seniorstyle Donor Base
Southern Conservative Donors
Virginia Game and Fish
Western Outdoorsmen
Young, Healthy & Fit Donorbase


Accent Gamblers & Casino Patrons
Aerosport Plus
Alliance Top Trending Product Buyers
America’s Credit Seekers Hotline
America’s Devoted Voters and Donors
America’s Do-It-Yourselfers
America’s High Society
American Business Recruitment Specialists
Amnesty Financial
Auctions Online
Building Kit Buyers and Inquirers
Business Trend Real Estate Brokers and Agents
Careers in Sports
Choice Debt Solutions
Consumer-Style Database
Country Christian Book Buyers
Creative Living
Credit Scores
Easy Card Approvals
Entered to Win
Family Magazines Credit Card Buyers
Family Magazines Hollywood Fans
Family Magazines Subscribers
Family Magazines Subscribers by Cat.
FEDA Fund Financial Investors
Free At Last Newly Divorced
Gambling Hot Spot Responders
Going Green
Great Outdoor Families
Green Profit Magazine
Growertalks Magazine
Heart of America Do-It-Yourselfers
Hispanic American Consumers
Home Chef, The
Homebase Hotline Mortgages
Income Opportunity Buyers
Instant Credit Success
Language Preference Ethnic Origin
Local Monthly New Movers
Marathon Enthusiasts
Millionaire Homes
Monthly New Homeowners
My Credit Card Approval
National Business Lead List
New England Runner Magazine
Penn State Industries
Product Buyer Bank Card Hotline
Quick Cash Credit Seekers
Ready for Disaster Buyers & Requestors
Religious Book, Magazine, Movie and Music Buyers
Rent To Own
Salon Style
Saturation Resident Database
Sci-Fi Enthusiasts
Self-Sufficient Preppers
Seniorstyle Adult Caregivers
Sexual Harassment Resource Providers
She Shed Shoppers
Software Additions Direct Mail & Internet Buyers
Swimming Pool Owners
TV Program Magazine Buyers
Ultimate Credit Seekers Hotline
U.S. Government Agencies
Welding Secrets Book Buyers
Young Entrepreneurs of America

Outdoor & Sports

Active Alaska Fishing and Hunting License Holders
Active Bow HuntersActive-Bow-Hunters-1
Active Connecticut Hunters and Fishermen
Active Federal Firearms Licensees
Active Fishermen
Active Florida Anglers and Non-Resident Fishermen
Active Florida Hunters
Active Hunters
Active Hunting Families
Active Massachusetts Hunters and Fishermen
Active Missouri Hunters and Anglers
Active Montana Hunters and Anglers
Active Non-Resident Hunters
Active North Dakota Hunters & Anglers
Active Ohio Hunters and Fishermen
Active Oregon Hunters and Anglers
Active Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts
Active Upland Bird Hunters
Active Wyoming Hunters
Ag Intel Farm & Ranch Superfile
Alaska Elite Hunters and Fishermen
Alaska Hunting and Fishing
Alliance Top Trending Product Buyers
Americas Farms & Ranches
America’s Favorite Hobbies
Big Game Hunters
Bird & Big Game Masterfile
Boat Owners
Bowhunter & Archery
Careers in Sports
Carson Travel
Coastal Cruising Magazine
Colorado Exclusives
Colorado Farmers & Ranchers
Colorado Outdoor Sports
Conservation and Environmental Donors
Consumer-Style Database
Crème De La Crème Travelers
Deer, Elk and Bear Hunters
Delta Waterfowl
Duck and Waterfowl Hunters
Electronic Fishing Lures
Extreme Sports Enthusiasts
Family Magazines Subscribers by Category
Fashion & Accessories
Florida Anglers and Hunters That Vote
Gambling Hot Spot Responders
Glamping Experience
Golfing Green Card
Great Outdoor Families Database
Gun, Rifle & Sporting Goods Buyers
Hobby Horse Clothing
Hunting and Fishing Aficionados
Independent Voters That Hunt
Lake-N-Dale Outdoorsmen
Lifestyle Gamblers
Marathon Enthusiasts
Missouri Conservationist Subscribers
Missouri Outdoors
Nebraska Outdoor Men & Women
New England Runner Magazine
Ohio Sportsmen
Republican Voters That Hunt
Rod’s Western Palace
Safari Press
Salt Water Fishing
Sports Afield
Texas Outdoors
Travel and Golf
United Sportsmen Group
Virginia Game and Fish
Western Outdoorsmen
Wildlands of America

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