Partnering with Midwest Direct Marketing empowers your business with the expertise gained from over 100 years of combined list and media experience. Our highly skilled account executives have the unique ability to match your entire file to 230 million consumers from the National Consumer Database (NCDB) for lifestyle demographics, psychographic information and more, allowing your business to target your best customers with remarkable precision. Our comprehensive services use innovative, aggressive techniques to expose opportunities for additional revenue from your specific marketing campaigns.

Client Support

Our account executives provide unparalleled personalized service by developing close partnerships with every single client. We remain intimately involved in your account by continually seeking opportunities to expand your customer base and increase your revenue. As your trusted marketing partner, we will also notify you of upcoming industry conferences, recommend additional profit-driving programs, enhance list selections, and provide your business with exposure at industry trade shows and events. We do not believe in voicemail and we value your time, which means you will always speak with a helpful professional when you call Midwest Direct Marketing.


Our team responds to every incoming request for list counts, usage, data cards, clearances and orders within 24 hours. This degree of promptness and efficiency is rare in this industry and is part of what makes Midwest Direct Marketing truly unique. Our commitment to turning orders in 12 to 24 hours will help generate additional revenue for your business by preventing canceled orders due to missed mailer deadlines.

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Executive managers

Scott Robbins
President & CEO
Scott Robbins is President and CEO - with over 34 years dedicated to response marketing including list acquisition, database, multichannel, consulting, list management and list brokerage. Scott contributes a dynamic blend of data and media expertise and an ability to grow business in a competitive environment. He has developed a strategic approach to building a contemporary marketing company that has developed into a data-driven, multi-channel marketing company. Scott is active daily in all aspects of our programs and client management. He prides himself on being accessible to clients and customers 24-7. Scott is very active in his support of local civic activities and fundraising events. He enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities on the family farm and at the lake.
Dorothy Rusk
Vice President & CFO
Dorothy Rusk – Vice President & CFO, with 33 years of experience in multichannel marketing, sales, list management and accounting. Dorothy, as co-founder of MDM, has helped build a company that is dedicated to her client’s success and growth. She manages the daily activity in the list management department and oversees the company’s accounting and business administration. With a keen eye to detail and business, her experience and skills allow her to provide a strategic approach to increase her client’s bottom line revenue. Dorothy’s active outdoor lifestyle and activities on her 40 acre hobby farm provide first-hand insight into the many diverse markets she serves. She takes pride in the personal service she provides to her clients through their shared interests.
Lavonda Hayes
Senior Account Executive
Lavonda Hayes – Senior Account Executive, joined Midwest Direct Marketing’s List Brokerage/Media Services team in 1998.  Her brokerage clients cross over the Consumer and BtoB fields covering publishing and catalogs, national and regional nonprofits, education and medical markets.  Lavonda brings her clients years of experience and important insights into the trends and dynamics of the industry.  She is an extension of her clients’ marketing departments and provides marketing support, strategically planning and executing their acquisition campaigns. Her areas of expertise include circulation planning, test list research, in-depth list recommendations, comprehensive mail plans, response analysis and negotiating lower acquisition costs for her clients.  She provides a level of customer service and attention to detail which is rare and critical in today’s multi-channel marketing environment.
Tina Weishaar
Accounting Manager
Tina Weishaar – Accounting Manager, HR, and Promotions Coordinator: Tina has dedicated 12 years to managing MDM’s receivables, payables, remittances and handling all aspects of the accounting department as well as personnel and benefits. She ensures our accounting system and outbound promotions meet and exceed our corporate and client needs. Tina regularly consults with our sales department to coordinate promotions, increase efficiency and enhance communication and reporting structures with our clients and other key contacts in the industry.

We Have a Range of Sales-Boosting Marketing Services

SmartMail Integration
The best of direct mail with digital ads from Google, Facebook and Instagram!
List Management
Maximize your profits with aggressive, innovative and highly successful list management services.
List Brokerage
Identify new list opportunities and untapped prospects for responsive results.
Managed Lists
We have the unique ability to match your entire file to the National...
Data Processing
Ensure that your lists are optimized for ideal delivery and maximum response rates.
Database Management
Integrate your data from all channels, complete with analysis, query and reporting capabilities.
Alternative Media
Increase customer acquisition by targeting prospects when they’re most likely to purchase.
Email Broadcast
Utilize the most updated customer data available for launching your successful campaign.
Data Interpretation
Integrate research into strategies that help your business better connect with qualified leads.